Types of Media

Displayed on this page are different kinds of media, film, and video tapes. Look over the examples until you find a match to what you have. You may want to use a tape measure or ruler to verify the size of your media to ensure that you are ordering the right service.

8mm and super 8mm movies are priced by the size of the reel. Measure your reels with a ruler as shown in the examples to determine what you have.

Reel Sizes of 8mm & Super 8mm Film

50 Foot Spool
(3 inches across)

200 Foot Spool
(5 inches across)

300 Foot Spool
(6 inches across)

400 Foot Spool
(7 inches across)

Video Cassettes are all the same price


(2.5 inches across)

8mm Tape/HI 8mm Tape
(3.75 inches across)

Photographs and slides

Count each slide in the case

Count each slide in the round slide tray

All Photographs
8"x10" and smaller